Wadi El Gemal


Wadi El Gemal National Park "Valley of the Camels”  is a national park is an extensive area of desert and coastal water lying 45 km to the south of Marsa Alam . It is located about 2 hours’ drive from Marsa Alam airport.
The park is the site of prehistoric rock art, as well as Ptolemaic and Roman ruins, and the mountain “Mons Smaragdus” is the site of small mining communities that date back to ancient Egypt.
For those of you who are a little nervous, you might want to try a brief ride on a camel on your hotel beach first.
The park is surprisingly rich in wildlife and vegetation and also historic sites dating back to before the Roman era

Another alternative for the more nervous available on some camel safaris such as that in the Wadi El Gemal National Park is the option of a camel-pulled wagon which will take you safely through the wadis and sand dunes stopping off so you can see the wildlife or so that you can taste the local food such as bread baked on a fire in the sand or camel cheese.

We offer Sharm El Luli and Qalaan snorkeling tours and Wadi El Gemal Safari tours both in Wadi El Gemal National Park.