Vorsichtsmaßnahmen-COVID 19 von El Gouna Tours



On 1 July with the return of the European flights to Egypt. We look forward to a reunion! Our procedures were strengthened and we have taken all the necessary measures to welcome you in peace. Here we present our health and safety measures to combat the dissemination of COVID-19 and ensuring adequate hygiene.

We have implemented the following additional control measures:

1-wearing masks through all members of our team. Driver, tour guide, tour guide.
2 updated instructions and procedures for all team members: General hygiene standards and instructions for hand severance infection.
3-A Addition of bottles with hydroalcoholic gel for everyone.
4- The inner surface of a vehicle is purified with isopropyl alcohol.
5- Our vehicles are often cleaned with soap and water after each transfer order.
6-We only offer private tours to minimize the risk of infections.
7- Cleaning the car door handle with an alcohol cleaner.

What we ask you to ensure the security of all:

1-Wash your hands frequently or use our handdate infectant dispensers.
2-Keep the physical distance upright.
3-Avoid handshake and hugs.
4-sneeze them in their elbows.
5 Do not touch your face: eyes, nose and mouth.

Precaution Covid 19 by El Gouna Tours