Snorklausmatkat Hurghadasta

Hurghadan suosio kasvaa kansainvälisen sukellusyhteisön keskuudessa. Lomakeskuksen rauhallinen rauhallisuus, suhteellisen syrjäinen sijainti, noin neljän tunnin päässä suositusta Hurghadan lomakeskuksesta, tekee siitä ihanteellisen määränpään rauhalliselle, rentouttavalle lomalle. Hurghadan vetovoima on sen trooppisessa ulkonäössä, jossa on rikkaita sinisiä merirannikoita, joita reunustavat koralliriutan esteet, paratiisirannat ja ylpeät palmut. Tämän seurauksena Hurghadasta on tullut suosikki sukeltajia, jotka haluavat tutustua lomakohteisiin lukuisissa pilaamattomissa sukelluskohteissa, joissa spinner-delfiinit ja merikilpikonnat uivat vapaasti. Snorklaus Hurghadassa on erinomainen kaikkien rannikkoriffien ja meriheinän kanssa.

Day Scuba Diving Hurghada Egypt Red Sea

Had a thought to add exciting moments to your vacation in El Gouna ? We offer you the chance to make it come true through our  El Gouna Diving Trips. You will have the chance to dive deep into the Red Sea exploring its beautiful and marvelous Coral Reefs and its astonishing colored fish. You will also dive in two different spots during your diving trip,Hurghada is a great location especially for experienced divers guided by our friendly experienced team of guides. Are you looking for scuba diving trip from Hurghada ? we can help you, Go scuba diving in Hurghada on a full-day trip. Follow the dive master's lead as you learn the basics of scuba diving. Then enjoy 2 separate dives in the waters of the Red Sea. You will also be provided with a lunch and refreshments while on board.

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Day Snorkeling Excursions To Sharm EL Lulli And Wadi EL Qulaan

Enjoy Sharm El Luli Tours and El Qulaan from Marsa Alam or Port Ghalib, Relaxing day in a natural area! You will be collected from your hotel in Marsa Alam and taken to the beautiful Sharm El Luli Tour, Here you will spend the day in a snorkeling area, Sharm El Luli is a particularly rewarding place to explore the underwater world .after half day snorkeling then drive to El Qulaan ,This is really a great place to unwind and have great swim in the lake. The water in the lake is extremely warm and good for those with rheumatic pains Then you can walk in the shallow water to the great mangrove tree beyond which there is an amazing open sea. This is a truly magical place. a world with great scenery and extreme serenity. taste the original Bedouin coffee in the tent close to the lake beach and relax for a while. The lunch served in the tent at the entrance of Qullan was very nice particularly the fried fish.

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Giftun Island Snorkeling Tours in Hurghada

Enjoy Giftun Island Tours in Hurghada , Snorkeling tours into the charming beauty of the underwater world in the Red Sea, have a chance to try one of our variety of Hurghada tours and snorkeling in different spots in Hurghada like Giftun island and amuse yourself with the colorful corals and many different water activities, enjoy amazing day trip to Giftun Island by boat, enjoy Swimming, Snorkeling to discover the coral reefs at the Red Sea, Diving available as well, or relaxing on the beach under the sun  

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Half Day Snorkeling Excursion To Sharm El luli

Enjoy Sharm El Luli Tours in Marsa Alam , Relaxing day in a natural area! You will be collected from your hotel in Marsa Alam and taken to the beautiful Sharm El Luli Tour, Here you will spend the day in a snorkeling area, Sharm El Luli is a particularly rewarding place to explore the underwater world in water temperatures warm

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Mahmya Island Snorkeling trip from Hurghada

Snorkel the coral reefs and gardens of the Red Sea island of Mahmya in the protected waters of the Giftun Island National Park, and marvel at dolphins, schools of colorful fish, and more. Swim in the crystal clear waters, and laze on white sand beaches.

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Sharm El Naga Bay Snorkelling Trip From Hurghada

Admire the spectacular coral reefs and the crystal-clear water on the coast of Sharm El Naga. On this full-day tour from Hurghada , you can relax on the gorgeous sandy beach, enjoy the sunshine, and discover the fascinating underwater world along the coast, From your hotel in Hurghada .Our guide will take you to Sharm el-Naga Bay, where you can spend a day enjoying the beautiful beach, clear water, and diverse sea-life on beautiful coral reefs. Sharm el Naga provides great shore diving as well as on-shore recreational facilities.

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Snorkelling Day trip Paradise Island From Hurghada

Enjoy a fantastic full-day snorkeling trip from Hurghada to Paradise Island and enjoy the tranquility away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Relax on the beach in the sunshine or discover the unique variety of fish along the coast.  

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Utopia island Snorkeling in Hurghada

We organise day snorkelling trip to Utopia island from Hurghada . Experience the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea on this full-day tour from Hurghada . Enjoy snorkelling among natural reefs and beautiful corals before enjoying the fantastic views of the colourful world of fish from a glass-bottomed boat.

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